Lead Engineer Heat & Energy

WA3RM works to develop and finance ‘regenerative’ operations that reuse residual flows from industries. These may be based on resources such as surplus heat, but also about other flows, such as CO2, industrial sludge and wastewater. We call this “waste-to-X”.

We focus on large, energy-intensive, industries with well-developed and efficient operations. These produce a steady flow of surplus streams that represent challenges in terms of sustainability and that are often costly for the industry to handle within its own sphere. These flows can represent important resources for external actors, which is one of the core aspects of WA3RM’s offering.

WA3RM’s business concept is to capture surplus streams from major industries and use these to create and finance regenerative, often food-producing businesses where the circular element is dominant.

Job description

As Lead Engineer Heat & Energy you will be involved in projects with industry and food-producing customers with a focus on identifying solutions for utilizing waste heat.

Main tasks:

  • Identification and qualification of industrial projects
  • Setting up requirements specification of heat infrastructure
  • Develop and define system solutions for heat and energy, produce calculation models and duration diagrams to match demand and availability of heat and electricity.
  • Setting upp initial budget for the project
  • Develop a basis for purchasing solutions for the heat infrastructure, evaluating tenders and suppliers
  • Technical project management together with the operations team until commissioning of the facility
  • Improvement and development of facilities together with the operations team


We are looking for candidates with experience in heating / energy solutions from industry. We value an experience of technical project management in large projects from industry- and energy sector.

You are fluent in English, written and spoken.


You have a degree as Master of Science in Engineering or equal, with a spezialisation in Energy

Personal traits

We are looking for someone who is passionate about sustainability and energy and who is motivated by analyzing and understanding the customer’s needs. You have worked with complex projects before and are able to capture new business opportunities.

You enjoy working in a team with a cutomer focus.

WA3RM offers

At WA3RM, you are offered the opportunity to work with solutions in sustainability and energy that are at the forefront in the industry. You get a great opportunity to be a part of development projects and innovative solutions.

You are offered the opportunity to be part of an expansive company and work with colleagues who are passionate about what they do.

Within WA3RM, there are great development opportunities as the company has clear strategies and goals to grow.


If you have questions you’re welcome to contact A-Talent Search recruiter Maria Lindahl; 070- 9176757, maria.lindahl@asearch.se.

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